Thailand : Architecture in Steel (H)
ผู้เขียน ED. Nithi Sthapitanonda
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The architectural and interior design projects showcased in this book demonstrate the exciting possibilities opened up by the growing availability of steel in Thailand in recent years. Without iron ore deposits of its own, Thailand has been unable to manufacture steel products domestically. Architects have thus had to grapple with the exorbitant transportation and tariff costs associated with imported steel, and have consistently turned to concrete structures as an economical alternative even for some of the tallest buildings. In recent year, however, with the cost of steel dropping to a third of its previous level, designers have been suddenly confronted with new and exciting possibilities.

The latent talent and creative abilities let go by these developments is evident in the projects shown in this book; a cross section of contemporary work from both young and experienced architects, all explore the contemporary work from both young and experienced architects, all explore the possibilities for using steel in new and creative ways. From boutique shops and showroom to the complex, iconic forms of large institutions, these projects exemplify the creative spirit, pragmatic instinct, and curiosity of the architects.

It is our continued hope, in bringing these projects to the public, to make the excellence of these works more widely known, and to encourage collaboration and sharing of ideas necessary for the promotion and continued expansion of expertise in the fields of architecture and design. The world continues to see major changes in how materials are cycled are recycled, and architects in Thailand continue to face the challenge of exploring ever emerging possibilities in material and construction techniques. With so many structures built historically in concrete, the basic knowledge about steel construction techniques has been forced to quickly expand.

Many of the design teams responsible for projects in this book had to grapple with limited practical experience when using the material in an efficient and elegant manner. That these projects show such a fine finish in both structure and detailing is testament to the rapid growth of this knowledge. Much remains to be learned, but already there are certain advantages evident in Thailand, such as the absence of a prohibitive difficulty with thermal bridging, so prevalent in northern countries, that in Thailand allows for the elegant integration of steel and glass. There remain the persistent challenge of the tropical heat, the monsoon rains, and the intensity of direct sunlight, but these too have been dealt with by the designers in various creative ways.


- Phuket Gateway
- Mellow Restaurant & Bar
- Cocktail Bar
- Cheeze Studio
- Botanica Sales Gallery
- VR Residence
- DKFF House
- Patanatmarueng Residence
- Casa De Umbrella
- Baan Suan Sanghob
, etc.

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