Thailand : Architecture in Steel 2 (ปกแข็ง)
Demonstrates the skills of Thai architects and engineers. Once again, Li-Zenn Publishing regards this book as an opportunity to showcase the strenght of architecture by Thai designers
ผู้เขียน ED. Nithi Sthapitanonda
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    Thailand : Architecture in Steel 2, demonstrates the skills of Thai Architects and Engineers. Once again, Li-Zenn Publishing regards this book as an opportunity to Showcase the strength of architecture by Thai designers and   features 34 projects using steel which deserve to be recognized. Many of the   projects in this book use steel in interior design. In recent times, interior designers see more potential and beauty in steel and have more confidence in the builder's craftsmanship. Steel construction is also time saving and convenient to install, while falling in a similar price range to other construction materials.All of these factors have resulted in steel being more widely used throughout Thailand.


- Osotspa Conference Center
- Patana Gallery
- The Portrait's Sale Gallery
- TCDC Caiang Mai
- Rachaprasong Skylink
- MK Restaurant Group Headquarter
- QTC Office
- Zonic Vision Office
- Ocean Newline Office & Residences
- Star View Sales Office

ISBN: 9786167800127 (ปกแข็ง) 290 หน้า
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