The Almanac of British Politics 7ED
ผู้เขียน Byron Criddle, Robert Waller
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This is the seventh edition of a book which has for nearly 20 years now attempted to describe the political geography or electoral anatomy of the United Kingdom. By means of individual constituency profiles, an assessment is made of what influences the various parts of the country to vote as they do.

How do social and economic characteristics affect political behaviour and preference? What are the local and national determinants of voting patterns? What makes each parliamentary seat 'tick' ? How strong are regional factors, or the personal votes of MPs and candidates? The title of the book, and its approach and format, owe much to Michael Barone's illuminating, enjoyable and unique Almanac of American Politics, of which the 2002 volume is the 15th biennial edition, to which a great debt must be acknowledged.


- List of maps
- Introduction
- Acknowledgements

- The 2001 Parliament
- The June 2001 General Election result
- Regional survay
- New Scottish constituencies: provisional recommendations,
February 2002
- Members of Parliament
- Commons divisions 2001-2002
- 2001 Parliament: oldest MPs

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สำนักพิมพ์Taylor & Francis
เดือนปีที่พิมพ์: 2002