The Asian Barbecue Book : From Teriyaki to Tandoori : 125 Tantalizing Recipes for Your Grill (H)
This book on Asian barbecue will give enthusiastic grillers the inspiration and practical guidance to create countless delicious Asian-inspired meals
ผู้เขียน Alex Skaria
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This exhaustive book on Asian barbecue will give beginning and experienced grillers alike the inspiration and practical guidance to create countless delicious Asian-inspired meals hot off the flame. Travelling and eating barbecue throughout Asia, the author has mastered the technique and art of barbecue, combining Western barbecue techniques with the aromatic, enticing and sometimes spicy flavours of Asia. All of the recipes in the book can be made using conventional backyard grills, yet for those truly adventurous barbecue enthusiasts side bars and tips on making some exotic barbecued meats are included (such as whole pit-roasted pig).

The book starts off with barbecuing fundamentals - choice of grills is discussed, including unique Asian grills, grilling tools, grilling techniques, timing and temperature control, and much more. From tips on tenderizing meat and achieving moist, juicy meat, the author guides cooks through the barbecue process, ensuring they end up with a great meal every time. Complete with sides and salads, such as Thai Papaya Salad and Asian Slaw, and desserts, such as Grilled Mango with Ginger Syrup, this treasury of Asian barbecue recipes will be resource for years to come.


- Introduction
- Basic Recipes
- Sauces and Condiments
- Chapter 1 : Beef Barbecue Recipes
- Chapter 2 : Poultry Barbecue Recipes
- Chapter 3 : Fish and Seafood Barbecue Recipes
- Chapter 4 : Pork Barbecue Recipes
- Chapter 5 : Lamb Barbecue Recipes
- Chapter 6 : Vegetable Barbecue Recipes
- Chapter 7 : Side Dishes and Desserts
, etc.

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สำนักพิมพ์Tuttle Publishing
เดือนปีที่พิมพ์: 2009