The Aymara of South America: First Peoples
ผู้เขียน Jame Eagen
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The Aymara are Indian people who live in the South American countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. For more than ten thousand years, the Aymara have survived in a cold, dry mountain environment. They have made a living by farming, herding, and fishing. They have also fought many wars with people who invaded their land.

But even during times of hardship, the Ahmara have kept their ancient culture alive. They have maintained their old language. The still farm, herd, and gidh for a living like their ancestors did. But they have also adapted to modern ways. They are successfully blending old and new lifestyles. The Aymanra of South America recounts their strugles and successes, and the work yet to come.


- Who Are the Aymara?
- A mong the Skies
- Altiplano Vegetation
- Animals Friendly and Fierce
- Ancestors of the Aymara
- The People of the Sun
- The Spanish Invasion
- The Fight for Liberation
- Wealth of the Land
- Tourism and the New Economy

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