The Business Pre-Intermediate: Student's Book + DVD-ROM 1ED (P)
The Business is a multi-level business English course which offers the student a cutting-edge blend of electronic and print material.
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The modular structure of the Student's Book allows course pathways to be built according to the student's needs whether focusing on input, speaking, vocabulary etc. Case studies, ideal for independent study, use true business scenarios to challenge the students and push them to develop both their language and business skills.

Key Features
Student's Book
- Full writing module and a case study per unit
- Speaking sections cover all relevant business communication skills such as giving presentations, handling negociations and chairing
- Internet research boxes provide a context for extra study
- Student's Book wordlist, grammar reference, and extensive grammar and vocabulary practice material
- Full-screen, high-resolution video

The DVD-ROM comes as part of the Student's Book and provides over 4GB of extra study material, making it ideal for self study, but can also spice up classes by introducing digital media. The units match those of the Student's Book and each contains a video that features business situations which add a visual framework to the elements learnt throughout the course.
Key Features

- Four problem-solving activities, "Business Dilemmas" , test the target language and the student's business sense
- Test every two units to review progress and allow students to "get promoted" 
- Business documents (letters, invoices, CVs etc) available to provide models for the students
Class audio recordings for the Student's Book available as an MP3 download, together with rolling scripts


1. Living abroad
2. Dealing with customers
3. Operations
4. Success stories
5. Selling
6. The organization
7. The stock markets
8. Going global

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