The Encyclopedia of Business Letters,Fax Momos and E-Mail 1ED
The Most Complete and Up-to-date Collection of Model Business Correspondence for Every Conceivable Occasion
ผู้เขียน Robert W.Bly
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    Fast faxes, crisp memos, instant e-mails--these have replaced the long, leisurely business letters of the past. With more than 300 model letters and instructions for adapting each to various situations, this reference puts graceful, concise, persuasive correspondence at your fingertips. National print features.


Chapter 1: Quick Tips For Better Business Writing
Chapter 2: Rules For Business Letters, Faxes, Memos, and E-mail
Chapter 3: Cover Letters, Resumes, and Other Hiring Letters
Chapter 4: Corresponding With Colleagues
Chapter 5: Corresponding With Vendors
Chapter 6: Corresponding With Employees and Employers
Chapter 7: Letters to Get, Keep, and Satisfy Customers
Chapter 8: Business and Consumer Complaints and Requests
Chapter 9: Credit and Collection Letters
Chapter 10: Sales Letters
Chapter 11: Direct Marketing Letters

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