The Food of Thailand : 72 Easy-to-Follow Reciepes with Detailed Descriptions of Ingredients and Cooking Methods (P)
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Thai cuisine is unique, having drawn inspiration from such diverse sources as China and India, Persia and Portugal. This book presents a cross-section of Thai recipes from all regious of the country as prepared in private home, street stalls and even palace kitchens. Produced and photographed entirely in Thailand, This book offers an in-depth look at the unique cultural origins and influences behind Thai cuisine, and provides recipes for universal favorites such as Tom Yang Goong and Pad Thai, as well as numberous sauces, dips, salads, snacks and desserts.

One of five essential, affordable and irresistable cookbooks from Asia. Full colour photography and authentic mouth watering recipes. Other titles include: Food of China; Food of of the Philippines; Food of India and Food of Japan.


- The Food of Thailand
- Feasting in the Streets
- Culinary Arts of the Thai Palace
- The Evolution of Thai Cuisine
- Eating and Cooking Thai
- Authentic Thai Ingredients
- Basic Recipes
- Appetizers and Soups
- Salads and Vegetables
- Rice and Noodles
- Meat and Poultry
- Seafood
- Desserts

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