The Forest Heritage of Thailand : The Flora and Fauna of Tropical Forests (H)
ผู้เขียน Chaton Sittikehapark, Worawan Simaroj
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PTT Exploration and Production (Public) Company Limited or PTTEP proudly presents The Forest Heritage of Thailand: Flora and Fauna of Tropical Forests, the English language edition of the book originally published in Thai. This edition features some new pictures and accompanying captions while the original contents have some minor revisions. Part of the revenue from sales of this book will be used to purchase equipment to facilitate wildlife and environmental studies for the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.

The Thai version of The Forest Heritage of Thailand was first published by PTT Exploration and Production (Public) Company Limited and the Royal Forestry Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, in 2001 when 2000 copies were printed. It was intended to be an illustrated and easy to read book promoting conservation of wildlife and Thai forests. The book caught the attention of the Education Ministry who distributed it to secondary school across the country and is now preparing to use it as a teachers' handbook. PTTEP hopes that The Forest Heritage of Thailand will create greater public awareness to help conserve the natural heritage of Thailand for years to come.


- Geography of Thailand
- Forests of Thailand
- Natural Diversity
- Forest Complexes in Thailand
- Lum Nam Pai - Salawin Forest Complex
- Sri Lanna - Khun Tan Forest Complex
- Mea Ping - Om Koi Forest Complex
- Doi Phu Kha - Mae Yom Forest Complex
- Phu Miang - Phu Thong Forest Complex
- Phu Khiao - Nam Nao Forest Complex
, etc.

ISBN: 9749424573 (ปกแข็ง) 240 หน้า
ขนาด: 286 x 286 x 27 มม.
น้ำหนัก: 1945 กรัม
เนื้อในพิมพ์: สี่สีในเล่ม
ชนิดกระดาษ: กระดาษอาร์ต
สำนักพิมพ์PTT Exploration and Product Public Company Limited and The Nation Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservat
เดือนปีที่พิมพ์: 2006