The Miracle of Suffering (H)
The Art of Transforming Suffering into Happiness.
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    If you want a life that is manageable , Try downsizing your life to the basic necessities. Ask yourself what is really necessary. Get rid of whatever is excessive. When your find your life manageable, You will have more left to enjoy and your mind will be lighter and freer.

    Suffering is a noble thruth because suffering itself has the property to resolve itself into happiness. In one sense, where there is suffering, there is happiness. In another sense, suffering can be turned over to be "Inspirational" so one can find the greater happiness in individual happiness and universal happiness for mankind and ultimately the greatest happiness of all-nibbana, Which is the highest state of non-suffering.


Part 1 Say Thanks To Your Suffering
Part 2 Embrace Your Happiness With a Smile
Part 3 Live Happily With Suffering
Part 4 The Art of Happiness
Part 5 The Four Boons
Addenda: The Goldden Words


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