The Nature and Properties of Soils 14ED (P)
This is a special international edition of an established title widely used by colleges and universities throughout the world.
ผู้เขียน Nyle C. Brady, Ray R. Well
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For Introduction to Soils or Fundamentals of Soil Science courses. Also for courses in Soil Fertility, Forest Soils, Soil Management, Land Resources, Earth Science, and Soil Geography. Developed for Introduction to Soils or Soil Science courses, The Nature and Properties of Soils, 14e can be used in courses such as Soil Fertility, Land Resources, Earth Science and Soil Geography. Now in its 14th edition, this text is designed to help make students study of soils a fascinating and intellectually satisfying experience. Written for both majors and non-majors, this text highlights the many interactions between the soil and other components of forest, range, agricultural, wetland and constructed ecosystems.   


1. The Soils Around Us
2. Formation of Soils from Parent Materials
3. Soil Classification
4. Soil Architecture and Physical Properties
5. Soil Water : Characteristics Behavior
6. Soil and the Hydrologic Cycle
7. Doil Aeration and Temperature
8. Soil Colloids : Seat of Soil Chemical and Physical Activity
9. Soil Acidity
10. Soils of Dry Regions : Alkalinity, Salinity, and Sodicity
, etc.

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