Things Thai : Antiques, Crafts, Collectibles (H)
This book presents more than 60 different items from Thailand.
ผู้เขียน Tanistha Dansilp
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Things Thai presents over 60 different items from Thailand, each a collectible with cultural relevance or a story to tell. Each object represents an aspect of Thai life, from devotional objects to examples of the country's strong crafts tradition to pieces of clothing or jewelry. Detailed text and photographs explains the historical and cultural significance.


Decorative Arts
- Lacquerware
- Mother-of-Pearl Ware
- Sangkhalok Ware
- Celadon Ware
, etc.

Religious Paraphernalia
- Buddha Statues and Hands
- Amulets and Votive Tablets
- Propitiatory Figurines
- Spirit Houses
, etc.

Rural Crafts
- Lanna Gable and Lintels
- Rice Baskets and Scoops
- Sticky-rice Containers
- Water Dippers and Jars
, etc.

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