Thomas' Calculus : Early Transcendentals 12ED (P)
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    We have significantly revised this edition of Thomas’ Calculus: Early Transcendentals to meet the changing needs of today’s instructors and student. The result is a book with more examples, more mid-level exercises, more figures, better conceptual flow, and increased clarity and precision. As with previous editions, this new edition provides a modern introduction to calculus that supports conceptual understanding but retains the essential elements of a traditional course. These enhancements are closely tied to an expanded version of MyMathLab for this text (discussed further on), providing additional support for students and flexibility for instructors.

    In this twelfth edition early transcendentals version, we introduce the basic transcendental functions in Chapter 1. After reviewing the basic trigonometric functions, we present the family of exponential functions using an algebraic and graphical approach, with the natural exponential described as a particular member of this family. Logarithms are then defined as the inverse functions of the exponentials, and we also discuss briefly the inverse trigonometric functions. We fully incorporate these functions throughout our developments of limits, derivatives, and integrals in the next five chapters of the book, including the examples and exercises.

    This approach gives students the opportunity to work early with exponential and logarithmic functions in combinations with polynomials, rational and algebraic functions, and trigonometric functions as they learn the concepts, operations, and applications of single variable calculus. Later, in Chapter 7, we revisit the definition of transcendental functions, now giving a more rigorous presentation. Here we define the natural logarithm function as an integral with the natural exponential as its inverse.

    Many of our students were exposed to the terminology and computational aspects of calculus during high school. Despite this familiarity, students’ algebra and trigonometry skills often hinder their success in the college calculus sequence. With this text, we have sought to balance the students’ prior experience with calculus with the algebraic skill development they may still need, all without undermining or derailing their confidence. We have taken care to provide enough review material, fully stepped out solutions, and exercises to support complete understanding for students of all levels.

    We encourage students to think beyond memorizing formulas and to generalize concepts as they are introduced. Our hope is that after taking calculus, students will be confident in their problem solving and reasoning abilities. Mastering a beautiful subject with practical applications to the world is its own reward, but the real gift is the ability to think and generalize. We intend this book to provide support and encouragement for both.


1. Functions
2. Limits and continuity
3. Differentiation
4. Applications of Derivatives
5. Integration
6. Applications of Definite Integrals
7. Integrals and Transcendental Functions
8. Techniques of Integration
9. First-Order Differential Equations
10. Infinite Sequences and Series
, etc.

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