Train Your Brain (P)
ผู้เขียน Joel Levy
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    The brain is like a muscle, so a fit and healthy mind needs time spent working out, what Joel Levy calls 'Braintenance'! In this book, he takes the reader through a series of puzzles designed to maintain and improve brain function and intellectual health. These games and teasers help the reader with verbal, numerical and spatial aptitude; mental speed; logic; creativity; lateral thinking and memory.

    They range from word and picture puzzles to well known favourites, Sudoku and Kakuro. With tips on how to build these exercises into everyday life, hints on how to approach problem solving and background information on the science behind the puzzles, "Train Your Brain" has everything you need for a complete mind workout. Like an intellectual gym, it can help you build your mind power, stretch your brain's agility and tone your thinking!


- A quick guide to the brain
- Mental speed
- Verbal aptitude
- Numerical aptitude
- Spatial aptitude
- Logical aptitude
- Sudoku for logical aptitude
- Kakuro for logic and numerical aptitude
- Creative thinking
- Memory training

ISBN: 9781845376239 (ปกอ่อน) 176 หน้า
ขนาด: 111 x 178 x 12 มม.
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ชนิดกระดาษ: กระดาษอาร์ต
สำนักพิมพ์New Holland Publishers (UK) Ltd
เดือนปีที่พิมพ์: --/2006