Trio Writing 2 : Students Book +Online Practice (P)
The Intersection of Vocabulary, Grammar, & Writing
ผู้เขียน Alice Savage, Colin Ward
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    Trio Writing creates academic success through the gradual development of key writing techniques and strategies. The Readiness Unit provides fundamental writing tools for beginning students, while online practice provides essential skills support. In the main units, students learn to apply practical grammar and vocabulary models, turning their ideas into successful writing.


Unit 1 Relationships
- Chapter 1 How Do People
- Chapter 2 Who Has Good Social Skills?
- Chapter 3 How Do Places Change Us?

Unit 2 Cities
- Chapter 4 What Makers a Strong Community?
- Chapter 5 What Did Your City Build?
- Chapter 6 How Did a Place Surprise You?

Unit 3 Lifestyles
- Chapter 7 Who Are 21st-Century Teenagers?
- Chapter 8 What Does Your Future look Like?
- Chapter 9 Who Is Your Country Proud Of?

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