What Business Really Wants from IT : A Collaborative Guide for Business Directors and CIOs
ผู้เขียน Terry White
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    Business managers' expectations of their IT departments are simple: deliver IT without fuss; get involved in achieving business results; and provide leadership. However, while business emphasis is on business results and leadership, IT is focused on the technology.

    What Business Really Wants From IT presents a practical framework that defines the roles and activities for the CIO to meet business expectations.

    This book recommends a new approach to IT in large organizations, which takes advantage of the relative maturity of technologies and IT services, and which requires a new focus for CIOs and their departments: managing the delivery of services and technologies; providing genuine business results from deployed technologies; and leadership from a uniquely technological perspective.

    The concepts are simple but the implementation is demanding. Nonetheless, these changes are essential if in-house IT functions are to survive in organizations. What Business Really Wants From IT offers ground-breaking perspectives on the role of IT in organizations which are increasingly finding favour with business and IT people alike.

    This book offers practical examples and plans to assist in thinking through, customizing and implementing the ideas presented in your organization.


1. There is no ‘F’ in IT
2. The three roles of IT in organizations
3. The new business-IT agenda
4. Managing technology to maintain business momentum-the
first pillar of IT performance
5. Managing business results from an IT perspective-new rules,
new challenges
6. Information leadership in the information age
7. A matter of survival-Proving the benefits of IT
8. Getting, keeping and using the cash-budgeting for IT
9. Measures of IT-some principles of measurement
10. New IT skills and people


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