What's up with my Cat?: The Only Visual Guide to Symtoms and First Aid
ผู้เขียน Dr. Bruce Fogle
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    Best-selling author and vet Dr. Bruce Fogle offers a lifeline    to   owners anxious to give their pet the best possible care. Whether your cat has a worrying swelling, needs crisis first aid, or is just behaving unusually, the reassuring advice in What’s Up With My Cat? Will quickly help you decide on the best course of action.

- 27 Flowcharts diagnose symptoms from lethargy to convulsions
- Advice for first-aid emergencies
- Breed-specific symptoms
- Full information on all aspects of feline healthcare


Part 1 Your Cat's Health
- A life indoors or outdoors?
- The age and sex of your cat
- Examining your cat
- What to look for
- Basic procedures

Part 2 Symptoms Charts
- General behaviour
- Lethargy
- Changes in sound
- Injuries
- Bleeding

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